Chrysotile Asbestos Yarn

Chrysotile Asbestos Yarn

Chrysotile Asbestos Yarn in a wide range of constructions with a wide range of properties dependent on the various applications intended. Asbestos yarn is made of white, clean chrysotile Twisted Asbestos Fiber which have been mechanically twisted to increase tensile strength. Also known us flaxen thread, fleece, spun wool, thread, twist, wool. These Asbestos yarn are made in accordance to international standard of quality.

They are commercially distinguished under the following groups:


  • Non-metallic
  • Metallic-incorporating metal wire
  • Union-in combination with cotton threads


  • Heat dissipation
  • High temperature resistance
  • Strength retention or particular friction properties


  • Asbestos yarn forms a base for the manufacture of packings, tubings and cloth, which services the wide ranging needs of any industry.
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